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New Updated GoFundMe!

New scans showed two tumors in Stacie's brain.

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Because of the severity of her newest prognosis 

and extended treatment plan, she and Cody face increased medical costs.

Please click the button below

or scan the QR code to help. 

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Stacie Strong Updates will be here for all of her loved ones to keep up with her treatment and how things are progressing. There are a lot of moving parts and we're very glad to be keeping everyone in the loop. With multiple therapies and doctors, and ever-changing timelines, we thought that this would be the best way to get all the information out to her loved ones. 

We have also created a message board HERE for everyone to leave well wishes that Cody & Stacie can read (and reply!) when they have the emotional capacity to do so! We'd really like to encourage people to utilize this, as it gives Cody and Stacie SO much encouragement during difficult moments - your words mean so much!

This is a trying time, for all, but with prayer, love, medicine, and an incredible support system, we know that she can beat this! 



Dear friends and family,

I hope this update finds you well! I was excited to have a few questions come through that I would love to address today!


For me, treatment continues to go smoothly and though I’ve been struggling with adverse reactions to a new treatment, we have finally come up with a successful pre-med concoction to combat all the side effects. Now the only thing I feel is sleepiness. (Benedril will get ya!) I am currently on a 9 week cycle of a treatment plan and I pray I get to go home for a bit after. Not much to report on my end. Let’s dive into the questions! Thanks again for asking!


Why alternative care?

Standard care puts you in a box. If your diagnosis is this, this is your treatment. In a sense, it’s a flowchart— I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer— therefore, we do chemo, surgery, radiation, and more chemo. The chemo received is the same for everyone with triple negative— sometimes it works and the tumors/body responds, other times it has no effect. Standard care (unfortunately) does not have tools in their toolbox if treatment does not work. In my case, we found out my tumor in my breast was chemo resistant to the chemo they administered to me— meaning my tumor continued to grow and flourish while receiving treatment.


When I was told my cancer had metastasized to my lungs (still considered triple negative cancer), the only option in standard care was the same set of treatments, the treatments that didn’t work. They wanted to put me back on the chemotherapy that had no effect to my breast tumor. Knowing this option would not be effective, we started venturing to research other options.


Ultimately, we chose Doctor Virginia Von Schaefer at VVS M.D. because the approach of her treatment is completely 100% curtailed to your body. Not only that, she focuses on the molecular level, treating the cause, not just the issue. For instance, before I even started with treatment, I was tested for a full viral panel in which it showed I had Epstein-Barr virus. This was treated before we even jumped into Chemo. She focuses on the whole body, what imbalances, virus’s, blood levels need to be addressed. It’s a full body approach. In addition, she receives majority of her treatments (which have proven to have great success) outside of the United States (which is why insurance will not recognize any of the treatments I am receiving). She works with a lab in Greece called RGCC that test my cancer cells against hundreds of treatments to see what is most effective for MY body, not just a boxed formula. We had no doubt this was the avenue we wanted to go, knowing standard care would have given me a few short months before the tumors spread throughout my body. If we chose standard care, there is a large possibility that I would not be here today. Though the cost is great (upwards of $15,000 cash weekly— and we are going on 22 weeks) we pray this treatment will continue to have great results and God willing, be on this earth for years to come. However, we are realistic in the fact that my cancer does not go “away” and I will remain in cancer treatment for the rest of my days. But we serve a God of miracles and I will continue to pray for full healing every single day— through Him, all things are possible!


If interested in more info on Doctor Virginia Von Schaefer, please visit her website. She has videos that thoroughly explain her approach!


Cody/caretaker needs-

Let’s talk about Cod for a bit. 🤍 I love that this was brought forward because often times the caretaking gets left in the dust. First of all, Cody’s been living in Portland, by himself, caring for Bodie, taking care of the house, working more than full time, and trying to stay as connected to me as possible living 1,000 miles a part— not to mention this ginormous financial burden that weighs heavily every single second of every single day. If you know Cody, you know that the distance and not being able to be physically with me is extremely difficult— and causes great heartache and pain. He is lonely, bored, sad, stressed and overall taking this very hard— that’s the real side of this cancer journey. I would encourage our tribe to just reach out to him, let him know you’re there— it’s extremely isolating in a home by yourself. A weekend visit (who doesn’t love Oregon??) to get him out would also be an amazing gesture! He needs all the support he can get and I know we have a beautiful tribe willing to do so! He also works 10-12 hours a day, comes home to clean, walk the dog, workout, make dinner— he’s exhausted! Door dash gift cards would be a huge blessing so he can order in and take some relief off his nightly duties! 🤍


How am I feeling?

Overall, I am extremely blessed that I feel good! Some days I’m more tired than others but as a whole, I am well. I am night and day different than when I arrived in August. I was weighing in below 100lbs, could barely breathe when I walked (going upstairs— forgot it!), extreme fatigue and panic ridden. Now, I’m taking long walks (with inclines), I’ve gained all my weight back and the fatigue is minimal in comparison. My spirits are lifted knowing this is where I need to be and my adopted family (Steve, Rene, Britty, Nick + babies) show me so much love and acceptance. We are busy on the weekends watching grand babies sports activities and having a great time! Though my heart is heavy every day from the distance with Cody and Bodie, I do my best to look forward. I have to stay in this mental space or everything crumbles. I am reminded every day that I am truly blessed to be here, receiving this treatment, and surrounded by so much love and support.


Post treatment plans!

Being that this treatment is curated so specifically to my body, we run extensive blood panels that are sent to Greece every 2-3 months to see my progress. So, when we will get a break from treatment is completely up to this little body of mine! My prayer is that I get to come home late spring to plant my vegetable garden! I had a beautiful crop last year but did not get to enjoy it as I was already down in SoCal for treatment. I also want to get a couple of chickens for eggs— and another rescue pup! (I don’t know if Cody agrees yet! ;) ) Summers in Oregon are absolutely beautiful so I would love to be home for the summer. Due to the financial burden being so great, travel is not in the cards for us at this time— though that would be something we would love to look forward to! 🤍


Our greatest ask has been, is, and will be financial. Oh how we wish things were different— but this is what we are faced with and we will continue to fight every single day. If you know of any non-profits, grants, fundraising recipients, etc., please share! I will also be revamping our GoFundMe and posting that again soon. When I do, please share share share if you can! Getting the word out means everything to us.


Thank you, team! This army behind us keeps us moving forward and continuing to fight. We love you and appreciate you!


Much love,

Cody + Stacie


Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”


Celebrating my 100th day of treatment!


One of the new infusions I receive sometimes has adverse reactions and

the first thing I feel is extreme cold! We call this the babushka wrap! 


Still trying to work during treatment. Tough challenging, it helps keep my brain focused on something other than cancer. 

Cody and I getting infusions together. Gotta keep the caregiver healthy, too! 


Having some fun in the office! 


My new favorite cancer friends. I am so blessed to know these strong warriors! Come follow our silly stories and posts @mynewfavoritecancerfriends on Instagram and TikTok 

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